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Agreement on visa abolition with Israel may come into force in April 2015

Agreement on visa abolition with Israel may come into force in April 2015

“According to Foreign Ministry estimates, the agreement may come into force by early April,” noted Belarus’ Deputy Foreign Minister, Yelena Kupchina, speaking to the House of Representatives. She explained that the two sides need to complete domestic procedures for ratification in December 2014 and reported that the Israeli Parliament considered the ratification on December 9th — via the appropriate committee. The ratification must now be approved by the Israeli Interior Ministry, before being endorsed by the Government.

Members of the House of Representatives have ratified the inter-governmental agreement with Israel on the abolition of visas, signed in Minsk in September 2014. The document regulates a visa-free regime, being introduced on a bilateral basis for citizens of Belarus and Israel who hold valid national passports (except for diplomatic and official). Visa-free entry and exit will be applied for all visits of no more than 90 days within a 6 months period.

Ms. Kupchina explains that anyone needing to stay for a longer period — such as for work or business — will need to obtain a visa in advance. She adds, “Taking into account the fact that Russia and Ukraine have already concluded bilateral visa abolition agreements with Israel, and Moldova and Georgia have abolished visas for citizens of Israel unilaterally, the introduction of a visa-free regime with Belarus should have a very positive effect, including politically, in addition to influencing business, trade and investment, and human contact.”

By Mikhail Svetlov
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