Everything checked before planes set off from runway

Connecting new logistical park and runway at Minsk National Airport

By Olga Belyavskaya

Belgian AOI NV is one of the investors in the new Airpark Minsk transport-logistical park. At a recent meeting with the Belarusian Ministry of Transport and Communications, the interrelation of infrastructure was discussed. The Belgian investor has submitted a detailed plan regarding construction and notes that a decision should now be made on the development of external elements, ‘to avoid a possible mismatch in the future’. Road layout needs to be planned carefully, linking the park to Minsk National Airport’s second runway in an efficient fashion.

Specialists from corresponding organisations are to conduct talks and, as soon as the park’s external infrastructure is agreed, detailed development will begin. According to the Ministry, ratification will be the next serious step.

Belarus and Belgian AOI NV (Antwerpse Ontwikkelings en Investeringsmaatschappij NV) have concluded an investment agreement to establish the Airpark Minsk transport-logistical park at Minsk National Airport, costing 288.6m Euros. A logistical park with universal infrastructure is planned, able to process, collect and store cargo for transportation by air, road and rail and offering various logistical services. The park’s first facilities should open in 2013, with work fully completed by 2021.

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