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Belarusian hockey team’s matches in the forthcoming season announced

Everything becomes clear as calendar is revealed

Dave LewisBelarusian hockey team’s matches in the forthcoming season announced

The national team, led by Dave Lewis, will play its first matches from November 5th-7th against Latvia, Italy and Japan as part of the EuroChallenge event. Later, our hockey players will take part in the usual tournaments in Switzerland (the Arosa Challenge Cup from December 17th-20th) and Denmark (Metal Euro Ice Hockey Challenge from February 11th-13th). In April 2016, the Belarusian team will play a series of matches as part of the European Hockey Challenge.

On May 6th, the World Championship will begin in Moscow and St. Petersburg where the Finnish team will be Belarus’ first opponent (match scheduled for May 6th). Later in the tournament, the Belarusians will play the USA, Canada, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary and France as part of Group B.
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