European championship to be rich in participants

Belarus to host 31st European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, at Minsk-Arena, from May 1st-3rd, gathering 38 teams

Belarus to host 31st European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, at Minsk-Arena, from May 1st-3rd, gathering 38 teams

Training national junior team with total efficiency

The International Gymnastics Federation decided not to send an inspection commission to Belarus to assess progress in preparations for hosting the event. Of course, the 2011 European Championship, also held in Minsk, created many positive impressions on Federation representatives and the level of trust in Belarus remains high.

The Deputy Minister for Sports and Tourism, Alexander Dubkovsky, notes, “The European Championship should prove memorable in festive May, with over 600 sportsmen expected and teams from 38 countries. The organisational committee has done a great job and we hope the Minsk tournament is among the best.”

Relying on team leaders

On the eve of the European Championship, the head coach of Belarusian rhythmic gymnastics team leader Melitina Stanyuta, Irina Leparskaya, comments, “During the second round of the World Cup (in Bucharest), Melitina won four bronze medals, demonstrating perfect physical fitness. She boasts an interesting performance programme and is able to portray various moods. Her routines are appreciated by fans and foreign coaches alike.”

The forthcoming tournament, in which the Belarusian team will test its readiness for the home continental forum, is the third round of the World Cup, hosted by Italian Pesaro. Afterwards, the team will continue training in Minsk.

Top level reception

No difficulties are expected in accommodating participants and guests of the 2015 European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, as the capital is well provided with hotels, following the Ice Hockey World Championship. The continental event is set to attract sports lovers from all participating countries. Fans will be accommodated at hotels, located not far from Minsk-Arena — in addition to other places. Actually, placement will be arranged by the Belarusian Gymnastics Association.

Melitina Stanyuta

Organisers promise to surprise audience

The Show of Stars of World Gymnastics gala performance will be held as part of the 2015 European Championship. Organisers of the tournament do not disclose all secrets but assert that their programme will surprise anyone. Irina Leparskaya reminds that Minsk would host the Show of Stars of World Gymnastics not for the first time. “The present show would bring true pleasure to audiences; probably, it would be no less than for us — people who are involved into its preparation,” she says.

According to Yelena Skripel, the Chair of the Belarusian Gymnastics Association, the concept of the forthcoming championship is to be really interesting. “As it would take place on the eve of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, our association invites veterans to attend and enjoy the event. They will be offered places on separate tribunes, receiving assistance from volunteers,” she explains.

A zone of hospitality is supposed to be arranged near Minsk-Arena. Souvenirs will be sold in trading objects and at Minsk National Airport; development of their range and designs are now being completed.

By Kirill Karin
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