EU, SAR and Chile companies ready to apply for leasing terms

National leasing operator receives $70m of applications for leasing of Belarusian machinery

“Demand for Belarusian vehicles abroad is high. We are finding ways to sell on leasing terms despite the difficult situation on the Belarusian currency market,” asserted Promagroleasing Director General, Pavel Krupnov, at a press conference. Over the past year, the company has been actively promoting Belarusian agricultural and automobile machinery to Russia, Ukraine, some European Union countries and the South African Republic. There are plans to penetrate the Kazakh market, while BelAZ rock haulers could be leased to Chile.

To enhance competitiveness of Belarusian machinery sold under leasing terms abroad, Promagroleasing is eager to offer more advantageous conditions to its customers — such as discounts and payments by instalment. Moreover, the leasing company and manufacturers are trying to offer lower prices on new markets than competitors.

Promagroleasing is the CIS’ only company to specialise in export leasing. It also operates on the European market and Mr. Krupnov believes that its work over the last few years shows its maturity as an export company. “We are often scolded for moving slowly but, as our authorised fund includes state money, it’s dangerous to make mistakes,” he explains. With this in mind, Promagroleasing is working with Belarusian exporters in a consistent and systematic fashion, studying new markets on which to promote Belarusian products. At present, it accounts for 37 percent of the Belarusian leasing market.

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