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Eradicating obstacles to openness

Belarus aiming for full democratisation and openness of electoral processes, notes Secretary of the Central Commission for Elections and National Referenda of the Republic of Belarus, Nikolai Lozovik
Mr. Lozovik states that the current parliamentary elections will be held under new legislation, oriented towards recommendations by international organisations: primarily the OSCE. He comments, “We’re on track for full democratisation and openness of election processes. Such instructions have been given to election organisers in every region. In this context I’d like to commend the Vitebsk Region, where election organisers have provided an example to others, without restrictions or prohibitions. The fewer prohibitions we have, the more freely initiative groups, canvassers, and prospective candidates can work.”

Collection of signatures to support candidates

Mr. Lozovik explains that the region earned high praise at the start of the election campaign, when territorial and district election commissions were formed. “In the Vitebsk Region, this process went flawlessly, because all candidates to commissions were discussed and selected through a rating vote. Regardless of party affiliation, those who won most votes from members of the executive committee and the presidium of the regional council of deputies formed the commissions. I hope that the next stages of the election campaign, especially the formation of district election commissions, will be held in the same democratic and open manner,” stresses the CEC Secretary.

Vitebsk has hosted a training seminar for chairpersons and members of territorial and district election commissions. Mr. Lozovik has drawn the attention of colleagues to innovations and special aspects of the election campaign, and presented a collection of methodical materials.

The elections of deputies to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the sixth convocation will take place in Belarus on September 11th.

By Vladimir Khromov
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