Environmental factors above anything else

Gazprom Transgaz Belarus introduces first Belarusian gas-motor bus, with mass production to be organised next year at Minsk Automobile Works
By Vladimir Samsonov

The prototype running on natural gas not only saves fuel but has less of a negative effect on the environment. This May, Belarus began realising a state plan to transfer public transport to gas-motor fuel. “A network of refuelling and service stations is to be created.  It’s planned to set up production of vehicles and buses using natural gas, as well as the manufacture of special fuelling devices for vehicles,” explains the Head of PR for Gazprom Transgaz Belarus, Dmitry Kostin.

The MAZ-203965 prototype, running on natural methane gas, is based on the existing MAZ-203, equipped with a Mercedes engine and automatic gearbox by Allison. Its low level of hydrocarbon emissions makes it run much cleaner than usual diesel engines and, obviously, eco-friendliness is a great advantage for urban transport.

By the end of 2013, the MAZ-203965 should receive certification, ready for mass production, with delivery planned to Russia and European Union countries, as well as within Belarus.
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