Entrepreneurs represent National Business Platform

Chairman of Minsk Capital Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, Vladimir Karyagin, and Chairman of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurs, Victor Margelov, unveil draft project for 2012 National Business Platform

By Alexey Nemerov

The annual National Business Platform of Belarus has been operational in Belarus since 2006, allowing Belarusian business circles to feedback to the Government. It traditionally collates a list of entrepreneurs’ expectations regarding the liberalisation of the business climate and expresses the consolidated position of the business community on issues of private business development in Belarus.

This year’s document looks at how best to tackle new levels of competition arising from the Single Economic Space. Free movement of goods, services, money and workforce within our three member countries creates a serious challenge for the Belarusian economy and businesses, demanding facilitated restructuring and modernisation of the real sector. According to Mr. Karyagin and Mr. Margelov, state-private partnership could become a fruitful model, enhancing competitiveness.

The business community is offering several dozen proposals which it hopes will drive forward the business potential of Belarus. Six avenues are being defined as a priority: the macroeconomic environment, de-monopolisation and fair competition within the Single Economic Space, the expansion of private initiative and responsibility, the optimisation of the regulatory and tax burden, more efficient corporate and state management, and three-lateral co-operation of businesses, society and the state.

Entrepreneurial development is seen as vital, with the Government invited to jointly prepare a package of decisions on the development of production oriented entrepreneurship — for urban and rural areas.

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