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Ensuring place in the final

HC Meshkov Brest to join SEHA League Final Four
By Yegor Glebov

After defeating Bosnian Sloga HC in the final home match of the regional league of the South East Handball Association (SEHA) Meshkov Brest has ensured itself a place in the Final Four, being the ultimate leader of the first round, before the end of the regular season.

Sloga is a tournament outsider and has enjoyed only one victory during the SEHA League tournament. In fact, on their journey to Brest, they managed to lose their equipment, footwear and uniforms, obliging them to ask their hosts for replacements. Accordingly, both teams played in HC Meshkov Brest uniforms! The Brest squad won by ten goals (38:28); Russian legionary Yury Tatarin scored eight times, making him the supreme shooter.

One round before the end of the regular season in the SEHA League, HC Meshkov Brest boasts 37 points; Macedonian Metalurg has 36 points while Croatian Zagred has 35 points and Macedonian Vardar boasts 33 points. The final match for HC Meshkov in the first round of the tournament will be held in Zagreb on March 23rd. The SENA League Final Four will be hosted by the Macedonian capital of Skopje from April 13th-14th, featuring HC Meshkov Brest, Zagred, Metalurg and Vardar.
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