Enhanced development of capital comes into limelight

President Alexander Lukashenko sets tasks during working meeting with Minsk City Executive Committee Chairman Nikolai Ladutko

Besides building residential houses, kindergartens, schools, shops and public service facilities, sports centres are to be a focus. By the end of 2012, the construction of a sports-recreational complex will be launched in Minsk’s Zavodskoy District.

Mr. Ladutko has told the President of progress regarding current investment projects in the capital. From October-December 2011, over ten investment agreements were concluded — to commence in the first half of 2012. Mr. Lukashenko has asked that work in Pobediteley Avenue and at the ‘Eastern Lighthouse’ residential complex be given priority, in addition to that at the ‘Minsk-City’ business centre, and around Minsk ring road. The President stresses that the Belarusian capital should enjoy the highest investment attractiveness, as the necessary conditions have already been created at state level. From now on, everything depends on local authorities.

Mr. Ladutko notes that, in line with the President’s instructions, a concrete plan for the capital’s development is available, with city authorities working primarily with domestic businesses but also foreign companies. Mr. Lukashenko is keen to see work of the highest quality and enhanced labour productivity from Minsk’s construction branch, which he believes lags behind that of Western European states. Mr. Ladutko has promised to improve matters this year, enhancing conditions on construction sites, applying the latest technologies and ensuring greater responsibility and labour discipline.

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