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Energy of light to be reflected in megawatts

First solar electric power plants being built in town of Bragin in Gomel Region
By Tatiana Pastukhova

Solar power has been viewed as no more than a gimmick by Belarusians for a long time. Nevertheless, Canada, Japan and Germany have long been using solar power to generate electricity and, in fact, our first solar electric power plant will launch this August.

In Bragin — the sunniest region of Belarus — the first megawatts of electricity are to be produced from sunlight, thanks to an Irish investor providing 15 million Euros for the project. Originally, it was planned to construct generators near the town of Komarin, 50km from Bragin, but the construction site had to be changed. “There are two electrical substations, so we planned to set up everything there,” explains the Deputy Chairman of Bragin District Executive Committee, Piotr Romanyuk. “However, it was prohibited to generate energy there; due to its proximity to Ukraine.”

As soon as possible, another two sites were allocated: one near the former airport, and the other in the village of Soboli. “It’s a great alternative to thermal or hydro power,” comments Mr. Romanyuk. “This solar station will produce electricity at a rate of 16MW while consumption in our area is just 2-3MW. Moreover, it’s environmentally friendly, producing no harmful emissions.”

How will the plant look? An area of nearly 20 hectares will be fully fenced and have a video surveillance system. High columns will be fitted with solar panels, with many mirrors set around them to maximise the reflected sunlight. According to Mr. Romanyuk, it will actually emphasise the most beautiful landscapes of the Bragin District.
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