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Greenhouse farms produced 95,675 tons of vegetables in 9 months

95,675 tons of vegetables and 1,977 tons of mushrooms grown in Belarus within nine months

There are regions in Belarus where people earn their living growing vegetables in the open field. This is family business for many people in Stolin, Pinsk and Luninets districts of Brest region. There are settlements dubbed ‘cucumber villages’ that sell about 70 thousand tons of cucumbers grown in greenhouses. Professional greenhouse farms using modern crop production technology emerged in our country not so long ago. Yet, these companies produce about a quarter of the total amount of vegetables grown in the country’s public sector. The total area of the ​​largest greenhouses is 238 hectares of which 228 are used for growing vegetables. The rest are used to grow flowers, seedlings and other plants.

According to the Belarusian Statistics Committee, in January – September 2012, 95,675 tons of vegetable were produced including 46,788 tons of cucumbers and 48,096 tons of tomatoes. The remaining 0.8 % are other vegetables: peppers, eggplants and other.

Within nine months of this year, 10,898 tons of vegetables were grown in Brest region, 15,608 tons -- in Vitebsk region, 14,352 tons – in Gomel region, 5,724 tons in Grodno region, 38,926 tons in Minsk region and 8,397 tons in Mogilev region. 1,769 tons of vegetables were grown under the glass roof in the capital of Belarus. Production of greenhouse vegetable increased by 1.3 % in January -- September 2012 compared to the same period in 2011. However, not all the regions saw vegetable production growth. For example, Vitebsk and Minsk regions showed growth of 13.3 % and 4.3 % respectively. In Brest region the amount of tomatoes and cucumbers fell 2.4 % compared to the last year, in Gomel region – by 1 %, in Mogilev region – by 11.2 %. In Grodno region this figure dropped 4.1 % , in Minsk – 21.2 %.

Along with vegetables, Belarus produces mushroom in greenhouses. 1977 tons of mushrooms were produced in January – September. The only representatives of the mushroom kingdom that can be cultivated are oyster mushrooms and button mushroom. Belarus produced 1,795 tons of the former and 139 tons of the latter. Practically the whole amount of mushrooms was domestically sold – 1,802 tons of button mushrooms and 133 tons of oyster mushrooms.

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