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High-tech production of Belarusian flax is to be organised at the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park

High-tech production of Belarusian flax is to be organised at the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park, announced Belarus’ Deputy Economy Minister, Alexander Yaroshenko, during the Chinese-Belarusian forum on trade-economic co-operation with Qinghai Province

Infrastructure construction at the Industrial Park. Photo BelTA

One of the landmark agreements signed during the forum set out plans for joint developments in medicines, textiles, and photo electricity between the Administration of the Great Stone Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park, the Industrial Park Development Company, and Qinghai Sunglow Group. Alexander Yaroshenko explained that there are also plans to develop manufacturing based on Belarusian flax. “The Chinese team is ready to consider the possibility of financing flax sowing and harvesting in order to utilise Chinese technologies to make medicines, in addition to exporting this product to China, including processing flax in the form of flaxseed oil,” Mr. Yaroshenko explained.

The Deputy Economy Minister emphasised that the Industrial Park aims to focus on the high-tech manufacturing of innovative products that will be at the cutting edge of development of the Belarusian economy and aid promotion of products to the Eurasian market, the European market and others.

Logistics is another promising business avenue. “We understand that the arrival of Chinese products in Belarus and vice versa will be economically profitable when the logistics capable of minimising transportation costs becomes available. This is why logistics is part of the foundation of our mutually beneficial cooperation,” explained the Deputy Minister.

Investment opportunities in Belarus, and the trade and economic potential of Qinghai Province were discussed during the Chinese-Belarusian forum. A business networking session was also held, during which representatives of the Belarusian and Chinese delegations discussed issues of industrial co-operation and economic partnership. In addition, in order to stimulate trade and economic interaction, an exhibition of original products made by the Qinghai Province companies was arranged in the Beijing Hotel in Minsk. The Chinese companies demonstrated an unmanned aerial vehicle, measuring instruments, food, Tibetan medicines, carpet products, textile products and goods made of wool, fur, and cashmere.

By Vladimir Velikhov
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