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Embracing new technologies

Training centre helping professionals enter 21st century
By Dmitry Patyko

Training centre helping professionals enter 21st century

Often, students study certain technologies and are faced with absolutely different ones on entering employment. Accordingly, universities are now offering specialised training centres, with the first launching at the Belarusian National Technical University, offering training in construction technologies. The centre is to be open not only to BNTU students but to those from regional institutions and to representatives of design organisations, as well as to contractors, customers and those working for technical control services. Managers of trading networks and dealers will also be welcome.

TechnoNICOL experts and BNTU teachers will be taking the classes, which are expected to attract interest from Russian, Kazakhstan and Chinese students; the training centre is to receive international status and may open its own laboratory for the advancement of 21st century technologies. Nanotube production has been developed at the BNTU: for manufacturing innovative materials for the construction industry.

The training centre brings a new level of interaction and co-operation between education and science organisations and manufacturers of construction materials. Its personnel training should raise the quality of construction, making the branch more receptive to advanced technologies.
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