Electronic testing is way forward

Electronic testing for those claiming the licence of lawyers

By Veniamin Mikheev

Electronic testing for those claiming the licence of lawyers

From this October, lawyers seeking qualification in Belarus will be taking electronic tests, with each examination being individual. The computer will give its own list of questions for each entrant. Before the exam the operator will need just to set the algorithm: how many tasks there should be and from which branches of law.

It’s expected that the move should speed up the marking of examinations, which can be done in seconds by computer, compared to 30-40 minutes manually (with double checking).

The Ministry of Justice believes that speed is vital, since people come for examinations from all over the country and time is very precious for them. Moreover, the system will eliminate subjectivity in marking, and the incidence of appeals.

The register of computer tests will be double. The results will be kept in electronic form while the hardcopy recording will be supplemented to conclusion of the qualification commission which is being prepared by it relying on the exam results for each individual. People will be able to get familiar with the results immediately after examination in order to settle disputable issue on the spot or appeal total results of exams in the set order.
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