Electric transport is promising

2013 to see production of passenger rail and urban electric transport 
By Ivan ntonov

Currently, Minsk Regional Executive Committee is preparing an investment agreement on Belarusian-Swiss production of passenger rail and urban electric transport, with a statutory fund being formed. Construction of the enterprise will begin by the end of 2012 and, next year, the first launch of passenger electric transport is expected.

The Swiss company of Stadler Rail AG is investing in the construction of the enterprise. “According to preliminary data, the amount of investment is about 10m Euros. Later, loans from foreign banks will be attracted,” explains the Chairman of the Economic Committee of Minsk Regional Executive Committee, Alexander Turchin.

On the Belarusian side, Holding Management Company Belkommunmash JSC is providing four production buildings as its non-cash contribution to the statutory fund.

The project follows the Presidential Decree of July 20th, 2012: #322 ‘On the Organisation of Production of Passenger Rail and Urban Electric Transport’; it is to run from 2012 to 2016, being implemented through a phased plan of design, exploration, construction and operation. Stadler Rail AG is acquiring a 60 percent share in the statutory fund while acting as a customer for the plant and providing its engineering and transport infrastructure.

Belarusian-Swiss joint venture Electric Transport will create 200 jobs and is to occupy 18.9 hectares in Fanipol (Dzerzhinsky District) — allocated without auction. It will manufacture goods for the domestic market and for export to the CIS.
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