Electric train to facilitate movement

First city electric train to arrive from Switzerland in January

This year, Belarusian Railways has concluded a contract with Swiss Stadler for the purchase of ten electric trains. Six are to operate in Minsk, while four others are to connect regional cities, with three city electric trains coming into operation in 2011.

The first electric train is already being assembled at a plant in Swiss Bussnang. “It is due to arrive in Belarus in January,” explains the Head of Belarusian Railways, Anatoly Sivak. Pre-operation tests are to be conducted at the engine depot in Minsk, with Swiss specialists participating. The train will be delivered from Switzerland on six cargo trucks.

Another two electric trains, destined for Belarus’ city routes, are now being assembled in Switzerland, due to arrive in February and March. “We plan to test run these trains in August,” adds Mr. Sivak. Their major advantage is that they can service routes with heavy passenger flow; they are sure to enjoy demand.

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