Elections offer sincere choices for the future

Elections must be democratic, peaceful and highly organised

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko notes that elections must be democratic, peaceful and highly organised
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko notes that elections must be democratic, peaceful and highly organised, speaking at government session to discuss country’s social, economic and political situation

The President has underlined that elections are the most important form of expression of a nation’s will. He notes, “This is true democracy, and the cornerstone of this democracy is the expression of the nation’s will.”

Mr. Lukashenko has encouraged Belarusians to attend polling stations and vote as they deem necessary, because every vote is important for the country’s future. “We must keep in mind that, in choosing the head of state, we determine the country’s future development. The choice is based on our care for our people, families, prosperity, calm lives, and security,” comments the President.

The current election campaign is taking place during a difficult time economically. “Everyone has to be thrifty, cutting back on spending, and reducing their costs,” admits the Head of State, adding that the problem was mentioned by leaders of major states during the UN Summit.

Nevertheless, Government measures shouldn’t affect people negatively, urges the President, saying, “Salaries, pensions and other state social obligations are a priority, as are prices, exports, and accounts receivable.”

Mr. Lukashenko recalls that, since Soviet times, Election Day has been a celebration for people. He is convinced that we have everything to turn this election into a celebration too; there will be no expenses connected with entertainment or retail.

The President stresses that the organisers of the election have no hidden agenda to persuade anyone. He says, “This would be inadmissible. Belarusians are not fools; they understand everything. When we begin to coax people, they wonder why. Therefore, don’t do stupid things. We must take part in the election and remember that it is a test.”

“Foreigners are free to say whatever they want to about the election. They hold such events in a different way, like a show,” adds the Head of State.

The elections are to be held in compliance with Belarusian legislation and the Constitution; no one can break these laws, as Mr. Lukashenko asserts. He says that Belarus is ready to listen to the West regarding election legislation, making revisions if proposals are rational and reasonable, and don’t contradict national legislation. Belarus has already done much in this field.

Mr. Lukashenko has stressed that ‘the elections should be held openly, in strict compliance with Belarusian legislation and observation of public order’. He says, “We must fulfil all our commitments, including normal and unhampered activity for our observers and those from abroad.” The Head of State has called on everyone bearing responsibility for organising and carrying out of the election campaign to mobilise efforts to the utmost, in order to see the elections held perfectly.

Another bloc of issues has tackled the provision of public security and order, both during the election campaign and afterwards. “We cannot allow any provocations, unauthorised events or illegal actions to occur from various destructive forces,” stresses Mr. Lukashenko.

According to the Belarusian leader, his taking part in the UN Summit allowed him to see once again the battle to redistribute access to resources, and for world domination. “Fighting is in progress. Actions are covered up by pretty words, proposals and statements but behind those we can see every country’s own interests, particularly those of the strongest countries. This is why we must remain vigilant; we have to protect our nation, taking good care of people’s interests. We should serve this nation,” concludes Mr. Lukashenko.

By Vasily Kharitonov
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