Observers’ opinion

Election mood

The Belarusian presidential election is going in compliance with UNO international conventions on human rights and OSCE standards

The opinion was aired by Wolfgang Richter and Bruno Mahlow, international observers, who had been sent to observe the Belarusian election by the German public organisation “Association for the Protection of Civil Rights and Human Dignity” (Gesellschaft zum Schutz von Bьrgerrecht und Menschenwьrde).

Bruno Mahlow made clear, “Another nation’s choice should be respected as well as the nation’s decision to follow its path. One should not dictate how a nation should live”.

According to the international observers, the Belarusian presidential election in Mogilev Region was calm, open and democratic. They made sure of it by visiting several polling stations in Mogilev and the suburbs as well as Shklov District. Bruno Mahlow noted, people had come to polling stations voluntarily and in good mood.

Calm voting

Chinese observers mark democratic way of Belarusian election campaign

In his interview with the Belarusian Telegraph Agency Zhao Sidi, Ambassador of the Foreign Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, pointed out the calm voting at polling stations.

He said, “In Minsk the pace of life continues to remain measured and calm. Many families came to the polling stations, calmly cast their ballots for the candidates they had chosen”. The Chinese guest noted, the international observers had free access to polling stations and information they were interested in.

Comparison benefits Minsk

Observers from Belgium and Netherlands positive about Belarusian election campaign

Belgian senator and international observer Frank Creyelman believes, the election campaign in Belarus differs little from elections in other European states. “When I was on my way here, I expect to see quite a different situation, as I relied on the information presented by western mass media. I nearly expected every voter to be directly controlled from behind their backs while they cast ballots. What I saw radically changed my idea of Belarus”, said the international observer.

Frank Creyelman is going to share his positive Belarus experience with fellow senators. The guest from Belgium was especially impressed by the Belarusian capital, “It is a safe and open city, with advantages many European cities don’t have. Besides, people in Minsk are very well-disposed. I feel comfortable here”. Comparing the cleanliness of Minsk and Brussels, Frank Creyelman preferred Minsk.

Businessman from the Netherlands and international observer Rick Manssen was also positive about the Belarusian election while giving an interview. He said he is no stranger to Belarus: for 14 years he has been studying the local situation thanks to his Gomel-born wife. He makes business in Belarus and plans to implement new agricultural projects.

High level

The election campaign in Belarus was high quality one and was held in compliance with generally acknowledged standards, international observer from Austria, member of the federal land Vorarlberg parliament, Mayor of Rankweil City Hans Kohler told. He had visited several polling stations situated in various parts of Gomel as well as Gomel and Vetka districts. According to the source, no violations of the electoral laws were registered at any of the polling stations.

The source also noted, the framework conditions of the voting organisation coincide in many aspects with those existing in Austria.
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