Efficiency of work is our goal

Governmental programme for 2011-2015 envisages increased labour productivity for Belarusian industry of 70 percent

By Anton Yevlaev

The programme contains mechanisms of industrial policy, with large integrated industrial structures to be established (holdings, clusters and financial-industrial groups); this will ensure stability and sustainability of the national economy, alongside competitiveness on foreign markets, reduced imports and materials, lowered prime costs and increased quality.
Large industrial associations are to be re-organised into new economic clusters: holdings, joint ventures and other production and scientific-production enterprises. Those involved in the production of automobiles, road-construction machinery, quarry trucks, diesel engines and white goods are to be created. Additionally, an inter-branch holding is to be set up to manufacture urban and suburban electric transport. Holdings are also needed for the sugar, butter and distillery sub-branches of the food industry.

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