Educating tourists

Theatrical Minsk excursion, popular some twenty years ago, is revived

By Andrey Alferov

“The idea of reviving this cultural excursion has been debated for several years,” notes Yelena Solovieva, a consultant at the Sports and Tourism Ministry’s Tourism Department. “Necessary documents have been prepared and, soon, the first training for guides will take place.”

Undoubtedly, the theatrical excursion will be interesting to those keen on culture. Minsk’s theatrical life is dynamic, so the tour promises plenty of interest. Sightseers will see the original site planned for the circus, learn what connects famous Russian actor Oleg Yankovsky with Belarus and why he was invited to Los Angeles for the ‘Oscar’ ceremony.
Naturally, the tour will include visits to theatres, with tickets to a performance offered from a list for any particular day.

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