Ecological route to reserved land with unique wilderness

Narochansky National Park prepares surprise for forthcoming 2014 season, offering tourist route to Charovki
By Marina Svetlova

The route is truly unique, while being surprisingly close to urban life. The untouched wilderness is actually close to such towns as Myadel, the resort area of Naroch and numerous spas. It seems miraculous, but Charovki (translated from Russian as ‘mystery’) is home to rare plants of national significance: a botanical and geological treasure. It has taken several years for the National Park and the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences’ Experimental Botany Institute to create an interesting eco-tourist route through the landscape, while ensuring that no damage is done to local habitats.

An impassable swamp separates the 90 hectare site from the rest of the world and excursions are only possible in the company of a trained guide. The diverse natural eco-systems are home to a wealth of flora: over 20 rare and endangered plants (all on the Red Book list and enjoying Europe-wide protection). Visitors can see meadows, juniper brushwood, coniferous and deciduous forests, impassable bushes of alder, waterlogged springs, a picturesque lake and an upland swamp with a beaver dam, as well as hills, boulders and, of course, the sparkling Naroch.

Naturally, it’s a perfect venue for scientific-educational botanical and geographical excursions, ornithological observations, film-making and photography. Tourists can walk on foot or cycle around designated routes, with bicycles and binoculars available to guests.
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