Ecological issues are top priority

British Еnvironova Consulting Ltd. plans to invest in alternative power engineering in Belarus, as noted by private investor Simon Hume-Kendall, their Advisor for Investments and Energy

By Nina Vesnina

Prospects for co-operation in power engineering have already been discussed during a meeting between British investors and Belarus’ Prime Minister, Mikhail Myasnikovich. Mr. Kendall notes that his company is keen to process wood industry waste (manufacturing pellets) and animal waste, as well as pressing peat (Belarus has enough deposits for 60 years).
“Our experts believe that your country is rich in mineral resources for alternative power engineering. Potential is high for wood waste, animal waste and water energy,” explains Mr. Kendall.

He underlines that the Republic will only benefit from alternative energy projects, since prices for imported oil and gas are rising. Production of heat and electricity from renewable resources is certainly beneficial. Moreover, such projects are ecologically friendly. Еnvironova Consulting Ltd. specialises in projects using renewable energy sources, working in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Turkmenistan.

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