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Moldova to supply organically grown wine to Belarus

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Moldova to supply organically grown wine to Belarus

The Moldovan Minister for Agriculture and Food, Vasily Bumakov, recently hosted a Belarusian delegation of business managers and scientists. Visiting to study the production of white and red organically grown wines, the delegation took part in a roundtable discussion attended by leading scientists from the Grape and Wine Institute and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The latter is responsible for the organic wine producer Vinaria din Vale.

Mr. Bumakov thanked the Belarusian guests for their openness and interest in Moldovan wines, noting that Moldova has good soil in which to grow quality vines, without the need for chemical additives. The country boasts potential in organic wine production and exports to Belarus are just the first step in winning over the European market.

Growing organically entails larger costs, since no artificial fertilisers can be used, or chemicals added to the wine. Meanwhile, transportation and storage also require careful thought.

Vinaria din Vale owns over 140 hectares of vineyards, cultivated organically, and is already exporting to Belarus.
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