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Country holding regular training and exercises on how to combat virus

Ebola prevention measures keeping virus under control

By Alexander Ponomarev

Country holding regular training and exercises on how to combat virus

The Ministry of Health has received letters from citizens expressing fears as to Belarus’ preparedness to protect citizens from the Ebola virus. The Deputy Health Minister, the Chief State Sanitarian of Belarus, Igor Gaevsky, tells us, “In March, when information on this disease first appeared, we sent out requests for additional vigilance. We are in constant readiness and continue training. Every day, various services and departments are monitored and checked, and we are arranging training or exercises.”

Since May, several Nigerian citizens studying at institutes of higher education in Belarus have been examined on suspicion of having Ebola fever: five on arrival at Minsk airport, and one in Vitebsk. Remote thermometry found that all six had an elevated temperature, so they were isolated and hospitalised at a specialised medical organisation, to undergo further medical tests. Within 8-10 hours, the results came back negative,” explains Dr. Gaevsky

Speaking about the probability of the penetration of Ebola to Belarus, Dr. Gaevsky notes that it is possible, since the country is at the centre of Europe, rather than isolated. “We have well-developed transport traffic with other countries; we are not a closed society. However, the likelihood of Ebola spreading through Belarus is very low, as we don’t have close contact with African countries, as the USA and Russia do. Students from Nigeria could bring this disease but even Nigeria is yet to see significant Ebola infection. Nevertheless, each person coming from this region showing the slightest sign of illness is under supervision for at least 21 days,” he emphasises.
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