Earnings linked to results

At session tackling problems faced by sportsmen, Alexander Lukashenko promises high wages only where top results are achieved
By Veniamin Mikheev

Alexander Lukashenko noted that much is being done to develop sport in Belarus, especially concerning infrastructure. He explained, “Residents of all regions are now able to train for almost any sport.” He underlined that the state’s investment is in the expectation of seeing real results and sporting victories.

“Poor performance by our leading clubs and athletes at international competitions shows that there are still too many problems in this sector,” noted the Belarusian leader. In his words, the first steps have been taken to address these failures, including at the Belarusian Dinamo Physical and Sports Society (BFSO). “We’ve replaced its top executives and have put in place a troika — comprising the Sports and Tourism Minister, the President’s Aide in Physical Education, Sports and Tourism and the First Vice President of the National Olympic Committee. They are in charge of the situation in sports and answerable to the President,” he added.

According to Mr. Lukashenko, BFSO Dinamo has a special role in the country’s sports structure, responsible for removing obstacles to high sporting achievements. Its remit covers not only training but security and the work of law enforcement bodies. The meeting tackled in detail the specific steps being taken to accomplish these tasks and the nature of the obstacles.

Mr. Lukashenko emphasised, “Some time has passed since major decisions were taken to regulate financial issues and athletes’ salaries in the sports industry. The number of those unhappy with the decision has increased but what are they unhappy about? They resent that the state doesn’t give them enough money, wanting to be paid $10,000 a month, rather than $2,000. We’ll pay money to athletes to train for international meetings and championships but they’ll only earn their main income by showing a solid performance: not for 21st and 41st places at championships but for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.”

Mr. Lukashenko stresses that the time of easy money in sport is over, saying, “If you show a good result, you’ll receive good money; no result, no money.” He noted problems with sports clubs also.

Mr. Lukashenko believes clubs should act like enterprises, earning their own money. “If you earn money, you can spend it. You can spend as much as you earn.”  He added that ‘the state should pay subsidies only to athletes, coaches, doctors and a few specialist-servicemen’. The President also stressed the importance of children’s sports development countrywide, without which there can be no elite sport.
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