Earning Spanish gold

Alexandra Gerasimenya wins again! In Malaga, the Belarusian sportswoman won XIII CTO. DE ESPANA OPEN ABSOLUTO PRIMAVERA P50, in 50m freestyle swimming

By Dmitry Baranovsky

This is her favourite distance, in which she always does well. She took gold for the 100m freestyle at the 2011 World Championship and, in 2012, is expected to show the same success, at the Olympics.

Unsurprisingly, the first official start of the new Olympic season has been vital, with only her team mate -- Svetlana Khokhlova -- coming close to rivalling Gerasimenya in the 50m final -- finishing second. Like Alexandra, Svetlana is coached by famous Yelena Klimova. Young Belarusian Oksana Demidova came fifth, while showing promise for the future.

Among the men, Belarus was represented in Spain by Pavel Sankovich, who finished sixth in the 50m backstroke.
“The results are ‘a water test’ for sportsmen, after important inter-season preparation,” notes the Belarusian national team’s head coach, Igor Makeev. He adds, “I consider that the results show our high level of readiness and hope that our swimmers will bring us success at the Olympics!”

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