Each unique doll lives in its own fantasy world

Collection of Alexey Martynov’s dolls on show in Minsk

By Igor Nesmelov

Every doll is brought to life by the warm hands of Mr. Martynov, who sews each costume individually, adding decorative edging, beads and embroidered threads. Nothing is glued, making each an original work of art rather than a simple toy or model. They would surely enchant the hearts of all children, but also appeal to adults in their complexity.

“The master who creates a doll is connecting various worlds: reality, where we see an item made from ceramic and textiles, and another world, where the doll comes to life,” notes Minsk’s Culture Department. “Alexey Martynov mentions other worlds when speaking of his creativity, giving independent life to each of his dolls; they have their own character, manner and home.” The exhibition continues until April 27th.

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