Dwelling instead of Plants

Over thirty Minsk-based plants will be either modernized or pushed outside Minsk by 2011
The city of Minsk, especially the central part of the city, is “overloaded” with industrial productions, which contribute to the difficult ecological situation in the capital city. Minsk authorities have worked out a program of upgrade of industrial companies within the city limits with targets for specific companies to upgrade their productions to clean production standards or move polluting productions outside the city using their own funds or loans.

All the companies in question cover large areas that will certainly be of interest to large foreign investors wishing to place trading, recreation and business centers, as well as hotels and housing estates there.

At present most of the companies on the list are negotiating methods to implement their plans with relevant ministries and agencies and making further upgrading plans. Besides, changes will have to be introduced to business plans and projects. They are on a very tight schedule to modernize or remove their productions, besides, some of the industrial companies are short of funds, so they will have to attract investment and prioritize the interests of investors when carrying out projects both before and after the upgrade deadlines.

There are two options here: to extend loans for industrial companies to carry out a large-scale ecological campaign or to take part in the construction of new productions outside the city. Companies may also find other investment scenarios. Anyways, it is for the Belarusian company and relevant authority to choose projects, but since all projects are still at the initial stage investors may have enough time to apply for participation and include their proposals.
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