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Mikhail Myasnikovich elaborates on expanded interaction between UNDP and Belarus

Drafting of the programme enters its final stage

Mikhail Myasnikovich elaborates on expanded interaction between UNDP and Belarus

Our spheres of co-operation with the United Nations Development Organisation are expanding, emphasised Belarus’ Prime Minister, Mikhail Myasnikovich, on meeting the UN/UNDP Resident Representative in Belarus, Sanaka Samarasinha.

He praised Sanaka Samarasinha’s work in Belarus, saying, “We’ve seen good dynamics beyond the  traditional branches and spheres of interaction. New avenues are opening, including regarding public private partnership.”

The current 2011-2015 framework programme providing aid to Belarus is the first joint strategy by UN agencies working in Belarus to be prepared in association with the Government and partners. The Prime Minister spoke positively, saying, “The budget is $78m and it’s important for this financing to increase, rather than stagnating, since our spheres of interaction are expanding.”

“The structure and content of the present framework are much better than those of similar documents that I’ve seen,” admitted Sanaka Samarasinha. “Much effort has been exercised to fulfil the programme. It’s possible that participants may have varying expectations, but we’ll take these into account in preparing the next document — for 2016-2020 (currently under development).”

Mr. Myasnikovich notes that the new national strategy for Belarus’ sustainable development until 2030 is in its final phase of preparation and is keen to see UN/UNDP economics experts involved in its drafting.
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