Doubling efforts

Belarus invites Indonesia to implement joint innovation projects

By Rita Overyanova

Opportunities for sci-tech partnership for our two countries have been discussed during a visit to Jakarta by a delegation from the State Science and Technology Committee and the National Academy of Sciences. Prospects for Belarusian-Indonesian co-operation were discussed during meetings at the Ministry for Research and Technologies of Indonesia, at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences and at the Bandung Institute of Technology.

Belarus reported on its sci-tech and innovation potential while suggesting that specialists take part in inter-country exchange programmes. Joint sci-tech projects and joint scientific centres were also debated.

Representatives of Indonesian scientific institutions are keen to develop partnerships with Belarusian colleagues in the spheres of information, bio- and nano-technologies, microbiology, agriculture, the processing of space information, and geothermal and solar power engineering. They are also eager to share information on advanced technologies and create joint high-tech manufactures.

Indonesian specialists may join the Belarusian High-Tech Park and it is hoped that Indonesian students will soon be studying at Belarusian universities.

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