Double energy of fast river flows

New hydroelectric power station constructed using unique Italian technology
By Dmitry Pimenov

A month and a half ago, Italian PVB Group SPA agreed to construct a new hydroelectric power station, located on the River Nieman. The most recent visit to Minsk saw the Italians present their final investment project to Belarus’ ENERGY T.I. EST and the Investment Finest Company, which is ready to inject over 110m Euros into the new power station. 

With a capacity of 45MW, the new station could be ready within 2.5 years from the contract’s signing: construction will take just one year but 18 months are needed for various approvals and organisation.

The Italians’ technology is unrivalled, generating double the power from the same volume of water as classic turbines. The Italians have already built several such hydroelectric power stations in Italy, as well as across other European countries. They are currently building a similar power station in the USA.

The Chairman of the State Science and Technology Committee of Belarus, Igor Voitov, notes that the investment treaty to construct the hydroelectric power station on the River Nieman has been discussed with foreign partners. Meanwhile, Belarus could host Italian production of equipment, for export to CIS states. Over 50 Italian companies and four international banks are setting up an association of industrial enterprises to implement various projects in Belarus, via a registered corporation, which will represent their interests.
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