Domestic tourism

Gomel agencies to attract tourists with festivals
At present, the only way to see important historic sites in the Gomel region is by the invitation of the authorities or by striking out on one’s own. Local tourist agencies have decided to address this by organising trips coinciding with festivals in the region; the Slaviansky Bazaar is one such example.

Under the eye of the Department of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism of the Regional Executive Committee, the 850th anniversary of Mozyr and the 500th anniversary of Loev are set to bring in a wide range of visitors.

Gomeloblturist enterprise, established by the Regional Executive Committee, has three daily tours on offer so far. Romualda Miloshevskaya, the director of the agency, believes that tourists will respond well to their innovation. The festival programmes are full of surprises. In Mozyr, a unique historic exhibition is being held at the Castle Mount and a children’s song festival is being organised. Loev plans to attract tourists with its refitted museum and pop-concerts.
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