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Domestic machinery with well marked prospects

Amkodor-Unikab in Molodechno manufactures Belarus’ first self-propelled grader
The ‘Amkodor RD-165H’ all-wheel drive self-propelled grader is produced under license from Polish Mista and is the first such to be assembled in Belarus, rivalling American models. In coming years, the enterprise plans to produce 50 self-propelled graders annually.

Compared to imported models, it boasts several advantages. In particular, its electrically controlled hydro-mechanical transmission enables it to shift gears while loaded, without power loss. Moreover, the front driving axle (with built-in travelling motors) significantly raises efficiency under tough conditions. According to Belarus’ First Deputy Prime Minister, Vladimir Semashko, such graders are popular in Belarus, as well as abroad.

“The Minsk Region alone needs 60 self-propelled graders annually while we have six regions countrywide,” notes Mr. Semashko. Moreover, this machinery can be sold abroad; export expansion is one of our top priorities.”
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