Dmitry Dashchinsky aims to claim the cup

Belarusian ski jumper wins second stage of World Cup Freestyle Aerial event, hosted by Canadian Val Saint-Cфme
By Igor Grishin

Among the four super-finalists, Dmitry Dashchinsky received 120.24 points, outstripping Canadian Travis Gerrits (114.61), China’s Hang Zhou (100.45) and Australian David Morris (81.00).

The earlier qualification round, which determined the 12 finalists, saw Dmitry Dashchinsky finish eighth, although he was fourth among the four super-finalists, with 117.70 points. In the ultimate round, the twice Olympic medallist (silver in Tourin-2006 and bronze in Nagano-1998) and twice world vice champion (2001 and 2007) proved unrivalled, ahead of his Canadian, Chinese and Australian rivals.

Three other Belarusian freestyle ski-jumpers took part. Denis Osipov was 11th in the qualification round (96.02) and came seventh in the final (107.08) while Vancouver-2010 Olympic champion Alexey Grishin, returning from a long-term spinal injury, failed to reach the final, having to be content with 16th place in the qualification round. Maxim Gustik took 27th place (65.54 points) — among 29 entrants.

Dmitry Dashchinsky is now ranked third in the World Cup overall standings after two stages (earning 100 points), behind Chinese Jia Zongyang (140) and Canadian Travis Gerrits (109). Belarusian Denis Osipov is ninth (68 points) while Alexey Grishin is 23rd (15 points) and Dmitry Glushakov occupies 24th place (14). He is followed by Stanislav Gladchenko (26th place, with 13 points) and Maxim Gustik (33rd place, with 4 points)  — among 35 athletes.
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