Display can even endure battle

Display Design Bureau, from Vitebsk, specialises in producing monitors suitable for operating under toughest conditions

By Dmitry Toporkov

The Display Design Bureau produces monitors for the military, suitable for use on land, at sea and in the air, failsafe under any conditions. The shock resistant technology remains operational regardless of terrain, extreme temperatures, radio-electronic blocking devices and, even, human clumsiness. Its monitors (which use the latest LCD and plasma panels) and portable computers are well known worldwide.

Among the company’s innovations is an information display system using a 13 metre high-resolution screen, unique in the CIS. Staff are also very proud of their aviation LCD displays, aimed at 4th-5th generation aircraft. These remain operational in the toughest conditions, displaying information under ambient illumination. The company also manufactures an automated, remote control, observation-firing ADUNOK complex; it has already been highly praised by military experts around the world.

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