Discussing ambitious plans and projects

Belarus and Riyada Holding launch joint projects, including supply of Belarusian technology to Persian Gulf region
By Veniamin Mikheev

President Alexander Lukashenko recently met Shaikha Dheya bint Ebrahim Al-Khalifa, the President of the Riyada Group of Companies, whose first visit to Belarus took place in 2007.

During talks, the two confirmed mutual interest in developing collaboration, echoing the thoughts of the last meeting, hosted by Singapore in March.

“Some time has passed and we’ve begun moving in the necessary direction. Now, we’re considering how to tackle the supply of our technology beyond Belarusian borders,” noted Mr. Lukashenko. He added that Belarus is ready for close and fruitful co-operation in all spheres covered at the Singapore meeting. “If you meet us halfway, we can begin work.” He noted the importance of the Riyada Pal Awali joint venture being already established in Bahrain. “I know that a joint company has been already registered in the Persian Gulf, which is keen to deliver our technology, under lease, to the region - probably, to Africa and Saudi Arabia,” he underlined. Mr. Lukashenko emphasised that proposals in other areas are being studied, including to supply milk and heavy-duty dump trucks. “We’ve very ambitious plans and, if all goes to plan, should see a real breakthrough.”

Shaikha Dheya bint Ebrahim Al-Khalifa noted, “We’re delighted to have created a joint venture.” She praises Belarusian specialists, saying, “We’re pleased with their professionalism and level of expertise.” She commented on a number of other joint projects which have already been launched.

Riyada Group is involved in diverse projects in the spheres of oil and gas extraction and the processing and extraction of mineral fertilisers. It also constructs social infrastructure and railway lines and offers financial, insurance and consulting services across the Persian Gulf and Middle East.

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