Different changes being introduced to travel routes

Speedy trains soon to connect Brest and Baranovichi while train to and from Minsk airport will offer ease and comfort
The Transport and Communications Minister, Anatoly Sivak, has announced the latest changes during an online-conference, including plans to lower the price of air tickets and build international standard motorways in Belarus. Minsk’s taxi drivers are also to receive lessons in English.

Speedy mode
The Minister notes that, soon, travel between Brest and Baranovichi will take less time. He adds, “Railway workers are aiming to raise passenger transportation between these cities to speeds of 160-180km/h.” In addition, a high-speed rail link is planned for the Minsk-Moscow route: up to 300km/h. A train is to be launched connecting Minsk and the National Airport while work will continue to update rolling stock and reconstruct railway stations in Brest and Grodno. Tickets are set to rise by approximately 17 percent by late 2012 for internal routes — as regional lines remain loss making.
Economic flights
Belavia National Airline is to combine the principles of a classical airline with elements of low-cost transportation: lower fares in exchange for a simpler service. Tickets are already sold at very competitive prices where stricter terms are offered (no return or alteration).

Road map
Belarus could soon boast international standard motorways, with many existing roads being updated. Money has been allocated for 2013 to reconstruct new sections of the M3 and M6.

Do you speak English?
There is a plan for Minsk’s taxi drivers to master basic English in time for the 2013 IIHF World Championship. Each will receive a ‘crib card’ of essential phrases while English speaking dispatchers are to be employed. To ensure safe passenger transportation and enhance quality, only cars under ten years of age are to be licensed from January 1st, 2014.
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