Dialogues, supported with settled intentions

President Alexander Lukashenko made duty calls to the Sultanate of Oman and India
Visit of the President of Belarus to Oman, which had the governmental status, became the first in fifteen year history of bilateral diplomatic relations. Development of contacts with this state on the whole is interesting for Belarus in the light of intention to array more active dialogue with the countries of the Persian Gulf. As the Sultanate recently pursues more open policy in relation to foreign economic partners, the underdeveloped Oman market can be very perspective. Besides, Oman has significant investment resources, which Belarus is ready to draw for implementation of mutually beneficial projects.

It should be noted, that Belarus and Oman effectively cooperate within the frames of UNN and other international organizations. The main export constituent in the external trade of Oman — oil and oil products, liquid gas. 75 percent of export income the country gets at the expense of hydrocarbon material supply.

On Masqat Alexander Lukashenko met with the Sultan of Oman Kabus ben Said, who is the Head of the State and occupies key posts in the country: Prime Minister, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Army, heads the Central Bank, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Finances. It is notable, that Oman annually hosts not more than two foreign delegations of such a high level teleologically. President of Belarus and Sultan Kabus ben Said determined the list of certain directions, on which the parties intend to develop the cooperation, and also exchanged opinions on actual international topics.

President of Belarus met also with the Deputy of Prime Minister of the Sultanate of Oman Sejid Fahad ben Mahmud Al-Said. In the course of meeting he expressed assurance in the fact that both countries have good perspectives for cooperation. Alexander Lukashenko has highly evaluated the scale and level of economic development of Oman, which practically for three and half a decade obtained significant success. In his turn Sejid Fahad ben Mahmud Al-Said expressed hope, that the visit of the President of Belarus to Oman would bring tangible positive results. This very day the Head of Belarusian State hold one more round of negotiations with the Sultan of Oman Kabus ben Said, which passed both afforce and in private. As Alexander Lukashenko announced, Belarus and Oman have common interests on a number of cooperation lines. “We will do everything to worthily represent Belarus in Oman”, — Alexander Lukashenko stressed. According to his words, commercial and economic relations of Belarus and Oman should have solid normative base: “This is an important topic which is being solved today”. The Head of the State noted that exchange of delegations’ visits between two countries would also favor to intensification of commercial and economic relations.

The Sultan of Oman in his turn expressed interest in cooperation development with Belarus.

Within the frames of the visit of the President to Oman representatives of Belarusian Ministries, departments and enterprises, accompanying the Head of the State, held bilateral negotiations with colleagues from Oman.

In particular, Minister on taxes and dues Anna Deyko has signed intergovernmental agreement with Oman side on evasion of double taxation and prevention from tax evasion in respect to the taxes on income and capital. Cooperation agreement is concluded between Belarusian Commerce chamber and Chamber of commerce & industry of the Sultanate of Oman. Resultative negotiations in Masqat with his colleagues from Oman were held by Mayor of Minsk Mikhail Pavlov. The powers of Belarusian capital are interested in signing of agreement on establishing connection between Minsk and Masqat.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, the peculiarity of Belarusian-Indian relations is in the fact that at the heart of these relations there is scientific and technical cooperation. In Indian capital Alexander Lukashenko met with the President of the country Abdul Kalam, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Vice-President of India, Chairman of the Board of the States (Upper House) of the Parliament Bhayron Singh Shekhavat, and also with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Pranab Mukerdzhi. During negotiations hot issues of bilateral relations were discussed in detail. The government of Belarus and India confirmed readiness to increase commercial and economic cooperation and to increase effectiveness of scientific and technical cooperation. President of India promised to render assistance to the joint projects with Belarus. The topical issues of the international agenda were also touched upon. Alexander Lukashenko thanked the Indian side for support to Belarus within the frames of international organizations. In its turn, Belarus is ready to render similar support to India in all directions.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, India refers to some important foreign policy partners of Belarus, alongside with China and Russia. “We have the possibility to rely on the potential of these countries for provision of our independence and sovereignty”, — he said. Presidents of both countries have accepted the joint declaration, where the directions of further expansion of Belarusian-Indian cooperation are defined. The sides confirmed their adherence to the development of strategic partnership, importance of new initiatives in the sphere of trade, economics, scientific, technical and investment spheres, including creation of joint enterprises and industrial introduction of technological developments. In the document successful completion of bilateral Belarusian-Indian negotiations on entry of Belarus to the World Trade Organization is also satisfyingly noted.

As Alexander Lukashenko declared during the dinner in his honor, Belarus and India have brilliant prospects of the cooperation development. “Results of Belarusian-Indian negotiations have one more time confirmed the high level of friendship, mutual understanding, confidence between two countries”, he said. Alexander Lukashenko added that positions of Belarus and India coincide with each other on majority of matters.

Abdul Kalam separately noted that this visit of the Head of Belarusian state was synchronous with the 15th anniversary from the day of establishment of diplomatic relations between two countries. In his opinion, it is necessary to use the potential of both countries more fully for intensification of trade and economic cooperation.

Alongside with negotiations of the government of Belarus and India in New Deli took place a business-forum with participation of representatives of business circles and enterprises of both countries.

Within the frames of visit of the Belarusian delegation five documents were signed: The agreement between the Republic of Belarus and India on the issue, Agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Ministry of Agriculture of India on cooperation in the sphere of agriculture, Program of cooperation between the Government of Belarus and the Government of India in the sphere of culture, art, education, Mass-Media and press for 2007–2009 years, Protocol on joining of the Republic of Belarus to the World Trade Organization between Belarus and India, Executive Program of Belarusian-Indian cooperation in the sphere of science and technique for 2007–2010 years.
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