Designers invent economy class automobile

Pavel Konnovich, a master’s degree candidate at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, designs prototype

By Olga Bestuzheva

The car aims to attract young people on low and middle incomes. It is compact, with four seats and a rear-engine, using a frame and panel body, as is common in Belarusian industry, but has an unusual shape. Its removable transparent dome is a sunroof, a windscreen and a door, creating an interesting feature. The design optimises space and functionality while considerably reducing costs. Being of modular construction, buyers can purchase the basic model and add upgraded features at a later date. “This allows flexibility of car usage, while meeting the needs of each owner,” the developers explain.

The new car will be both comfortable and ultra-modern, built using the major principles of motorcycles. It will be bright, dynamic and oriented towards young people. “The flexibility of this passenger car enables us to present it as a completely new class compared to rivals on the market,” the Academy notes.

Its developers hope that the car will prove popular among Belarusian young people. A business plan is to be elaborated, with investors sought for the project. Pavel’s design was presented at a recent Belarusian Youth Innovation Forum in Minsk and was highly appreciated by famous Belarusian scientists.

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