Demographic horizons

For the first six months birth rate in the country increased, and death rate decreased
For the first six months birth rate in the country increased, and death rate decreased.

Skeptics assure that it is early to be glad to success of the National program of demographic safety, because those girls become mothers now, who were born at the time of a baby-boom of the 80’s. However, program objectives are more large-scale, than simply increase of birth rate.
— To 2010 death rate decrease is planned to 8 percents, there are reserves for this, — says Tatyana Shemetovets, the deputy head of the Central administration of policy and human population of the Ministry of labor and social protection. — Firstly, I would like to express my happiness because of birth rate increase, especially in Gomel, Grodno regions and in Minsk. In many ways it happens because of the fact, that women at the age of 30–39 years old began to give birth to the second and the third children. This is a result of a social policy: increase of state benefits to families, bringing up children, assistance in solution of housing problems to large families, address support and other measures of social protection. 
Besides, at the present moment average length of life of Belarusian people amounts to 70,3 years, almost a year longer than in 2006. The main death reasons are still cardiovascular diseases, oncological diseases, cerebro-vascular pathology. 
This is why special attention is paid to medical attendance of the population. Owing to general health survey for 6 months of this year more than a half of adult population of the country visited a doctor. As a result — 1 million and 700 thousand of diseases not identified earlier. The third of inspected patients had suppositions for contraction of some diseases, which can be prevented by an elementary visit to a doctor. 
— The main problem in the public health system is medical personnel, — Igor Brovko says, the head of Administration of medical aid organization of the Ministry of Public Health. — In several regions there is lack of approximately 200 doctors, and in Minsk — of 2500. This is why we accept more students to medical higher educational establishments. At the same time new technologies are being introduced, high-technology interventions are carried out, including cardiac surgery interventions. In comparison with the last year their number increased twice. Cardiac surgery departments began functioning in all regional centers. In Vitebsk, Gomel, Mogilev regions and in Minsk aortocoronary shunt procedures are conducted — this testifies on a class and difficulty of operations, where heart-lung machines are often necessary. 
One of the principal offers of the Ministry of Public Health on improvement of demographic situation — limitation of TV advertisements of low alcoholic beverages, and also age limit of sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 21. This is not simply care about health of those who like something hot, but about population. For example, last year through fault of drunken drivers 150 people died, and this year — 94. 
— Sanctions to drunken drivers are getting tougher, — Igor Vanitsky says, the deputy head of Administration of State Automobile Inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. — For example, we will confiscate a transportation vehicle. There is an offer to decrease permissible blood alcohol level to 0,3 per mille.

Evgeniy Burmistrov
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