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Deepest sympathy

Following the death of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chбvez, Alexander Lukashenko has sent condolences to his family and brother, the Governor of Barinas Adбn Chбvez, Venezuelan Vice President Nicolбs Maduro, Chairman of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello and all Venezuelan citizens
The President’s letter of condolence to Mr. Maduro reads: ‘I learnt with deepest sorrow of the death of my friend and brother. Hugo Chбvez will go down in history forever as an ardent patriot who devoted his life to his Homeland and the ideals of the Bolivarian Revolution.’ ‘Due to the consistent and effective work of Mr. Chбvez within the international arena on behalf of everyone in the world community, his huge personality will remain in our memory. He was an example of an unbroken, honest man, a real people’s President and national leader. He will remain a bright example to coming generations.’

Mr. Lukashenko is convinced that Mr. Chбvez’s mission — which began with the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and lives on through integration processes in Latin America — will continue successfully. His condolence continues: ‘Belarus highly appreciates the outstanding efforts and significant contribution of the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chбvez, in developing bilateral relations between our countries. His bright name is written in gold in the history of the formation of our Belarusian-Venezuelan strategic partnership’.

In his letter of condolence to the Chairman of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, the President noted that people in Belarus and beyond knew and respected the Venezuelan leader as an outstanding politician, selflessly devoted to his Homeland. As the principle head of state, he consistently defended its freedom and sovereignty, while driving forward integration across Latin America. His letter states: ‘Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Chбvez, Venezuela achieved resounding and progressive success in its social and economic development, improving the quality of life of every Venezuelan. I’m proud that, with Mr. Chбvez, we’ve created a solid foundation for the development of bilateral co-operation and strategic partnership between Belarus and Venezuela, aimed at the welfare and prosperity of our peoples. Your country can count on the help of brotherly Belarus’.

The President of Belarus also sent deepest condolences to Hugo Chбvez’s brother, the Governor of Barinas, Adбn Chбvez. He wrote: ‘Hugo and I were sworn brothers, as well as reliable allies and constant friends. Therefore, I share your grief as a personal loss. I promise that all our plans conceived together for the happiness and prosperity of the Belarusian and Venezuelan peoples will be fulfilled’.
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