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Dedication to stars embodied in sculpture

Space cafe-restaurant may appear in Minsk
“It would be desirable to create a cafe with an unusual space menu,” dreams the People’s Artist of Belarus, the laureate of the State Award of the USSR, Ivan Misko. This cafe-restaurant will become part of the scale project which the master has conceived to realise. According to the sculptor’s ideas, the alley, where each cosmonaut coming to the capital could plant a tree, will be laid in Minsk. Also, on the side of one building will appear a bas-relief devoted to the subjugators of the Universe from Belarus, Piotr Klimuk, Vladimir Kovalenok and Oleg Novitsky.

Ivan Misko became the winner of the Union State Literature and Art Award for 2013-2014. This honourable award has gone to the founder of many sculptural works and marks a great event in his creative life. “Such high estimation of creativity is the breath of fresh air and additional charging for new achievements,” noted the People’s Artist.

Now the master is preparing for a personal exhibition which will be held in April at the Mikhail Savitsky Art Gallery. The sculptor will represent several new works, however he does not rush to reveal all the detail, saying that it is omen of misfortune.

Mr. Misko is the author of the whole gallery of sculptural portraits of outstanding figures of aviation. Represented among them are almost all the cosmonauts of the former Soviet Union, including Belarusians Vladimir Kovalenok and Piotr Klimuk, and also the representatives of different countries who were in orbit under the Interkosmos programme. For his devotion to the space theme, Ivan Yakimovich was repeatedly awarded diplomas, prizes and memorable signs of the Yuri A. Gagarin Research and Test Cosmonaut Training Centre, while Star City became the second creative workshop of the sculptor.

Actress Stefaniya Stanyuta, writer Yanka Mavr, actor Nikolai Yeremenko and Olympic champion, Alexander Medved, spent more than one hour in Ivan Misko’s workshop. In creative co-operation with colleagues and such like-minded people as Andrey Zaspitsky, Nikolai Ryzhenkov and architect Oleg Trofimchuk he created a monument to the Russian writer Maxim Gorky in Minsk, and a monument in honour of mother-patriot in Zhlobin.
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