Data on commodity distribution networks to become fully accessible

Innovative electronic business centre to open in Belarus

By Olga Lisovskaya

The Press Service of the Belarusian Government has told BelTA that, in line with Resolution 1116 of the Council of Ministers (August 22nd, 2011), an innovative electronic business centre is to be set up in Belarus.

The new centre will open at the Scientific-Practical Centre for Identification Systems and Electronic Business Operations, at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. According to its Technical Director, Gennady Volnisty, this will help expand our electronic database of commodity distribution networks, while simplifying trade procedures via the promotion of electronic business operations.

The new organisation will perform several functions, including applying international standards in identifying entrepreneurs and their products. It will also develop a databank of electronic passports for commodities — to help store more information on goods (including photos). It will use standardised forms to efficiently promote goods from manufacturers to customers, giving details of characteristics, the manufacturer and so on, easing trade flow. “The databank will facilitate timely procurement and the transportation of goods,” explains Mr. Volnisty.

The primary goal of the project is to ensure free movement of domestically-produced commodities at home and abroad. The new centre will help unify efforts by leading Belarusian scientists, alongside specialists from the State Standardisation Committee, the Trade Ministry, the Economy Ministry, the State Committee for Science and Technology and other interested agencies. The centre will also employ qualified personnel to efficiently promote innovations in each field.

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