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Darya Domracheva in gold

Belarus’ National Bank devotes new commemorative coin to biathlon
‘2016 World Biathlon Championship: Oslo’ commemorative coins have been minted at the Lithuanian Mint, in denominations of 1 Rouble (copper-nickel) and 20 Roubles (gold and silver). The value is governed by their precious metal content (which varies from 3g to 150g) and prices are yet to be announced. However, a similar golden coin — ‘2014 Olympic Games: Skiing’ (3.11g of 999th standard) — sold for Br2.6m, without a presentation case. 

The National Bank’s press service states that an abstract ‘biathlete is depicted on the coin’. However, the profile is clearly that of triple Olympic champion Darya Domracheva.

20 Rouble coin featuring famous sportswoman to go on sale for around Br2.6m

By German Moskalenko
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