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Raubichi press centre is quieter than a library these days: perfect for journalists!

Darya Domracheva: ‘I’d like to improve my shooting accuracy in the new season’

Raubichi press centre is quieter than a library these days: perfect for journalists! Nearby hotels are also tranquil: a far cry from the hubbub of February’s IBU Youth/Junior World Championship. Of course, there is always activity of some kind. Although the snow has only recently disappeared, biathletes have begun training for next season.

Darya Domracheva during training

One hour in the rifle range and three hours in the gym are, probably, not the interesting way for a biathlete to spend their day Belarusian national team head coach Andrian Tsybulsky is eager to keep fitness levels high.

He tells us, “Last season was transitional for the team, determining athletes and coaching staff across various variants, to find the best combination. We’ve chosen six sportswomen: Darya Domracheva, Nadezhda Skardino, Nadezhda Pisareva, Anastasia Duborezova, Irina Krivko and Anna Sola. They are joined by seven male biathletes: Yuri Lyadov, Vladimir Chepelin, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Roman Yeletnov, Dmitry Abashev, Victor Krivko and Maxim Vorobey. I feel 90 percent sure that they will be attending the 2018 Olympic Games, although some from the junior squad may yet join.”

Undoubtedly, Ms. Domracheva remains in the limelight, with photographers always keen to take her picture, while journalists surrounded Darya, asking questions. She always responds boldly and in a businesslike manner. She tells us, “During our initial training, we practise shooting, aiming to keep our concentration and nerve. Other Raubichi training is rather monotonous but necessary at the moment. I’d like to improve my shooting accuracy for the forthcoming season and will be training under Andrian Tsybulsky, working on my individual programme. We’re still deciding but I may miss the North American stages, focusing rather on the World Championship.” As to whether she has her sights set on another Big Crystal Globe, Darya tells us, “We’ll wait and see.”

By Igor Grishin

Photo: TUT.BY
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