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Darya Domracheva changing her goals

Belarusian biathlete comes third in sprint at IBU World Cup stage in Italian Antholz
By Dmitry Komashko

However, the stage was rather unpredictable for the Belarusian athlete. A year ago, Darya was seen on each of three places of the medals podium in Antholz while this time she failed to come closer to her previous achievement.

Domracheva has done well in sprint, boasting the third speed of the day and just one miss at the shooting range. As a result, she finished among prize winners. Russian Anastasia Kuzmina was slightly more precise while Kaisa Mдkдrдinen was slightly faster; however, no one could dispute Darya’s third position, as well as her prospects for the forthcoming pursuit race.

Nevertheless, everything went wrong in the pursuit which has always been Domracheva’s favourite event. She was ranked only 10th having six misses. One can’t hope for success with such shooting results. Moreover, although almost all specialists predicted Darya the winning of the Big Crystal Globe before the start of the season she is now unlikely to be among real contenders for this trophy.

Now, the major aim and task of the Belarusian biathlete is the World Championship, which is to kick within a week. There Domracheva can still give fight and prove to her rivals that she is able to reach serious heights. She has all backgrounds for this, taking into account that Darya’s major opponent is nowadays not Norwegian Tora Berger but self.
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