Dappled debut

Lyudmila Gurchenko — famous post-Soviet space actress — presents her Dappled Twilight in Minsk

Ms. Gurchenko, whose birthday coincides with this year’s Listapad Festival, has a successful directorial debut on her hands. She gave her input on the script, music and sets. No doubt, her film is a wonderful gift to others, as well as herself. “I was invited to act in several films but I didn’t like any of the scripts,” the talented actress admits. “Suddenly, I realised that I should be taking the initiative myself. I wanted to work with wonderful musician Oleg Akkuratov, who is blind.” Oleg, 18, appears in the film via Russian TV archive footage, showing him as a child, but his voice and music were recorded recently. Ms. Gurchenko does not imagine that her film will appeal to a wide audience but its screening in Minsk gathered a full house.

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