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A Belarusian trading centre will open this year in Pskov

Customers coming closer

A unique trading centre is due to open at the end of this year in the Russian region of Pskov, selling only Belarusian goods. Representatives from the Pskov Region and the Belarusian Republican Union of Consumer Societies (Belkoopsoyuz) have recently signed a co-operation agreement to facilitate this.

The branch of Belarusian-Armenian trading house in Yerevan may become a good example for Pskov

The Belarusian delegation has visited the area and assessed three possible sites for the future trade centre. An empty site in Kommunalnaya Street in the Zavelichie district was chosen. The Pskov committee will take charge of any legal issues concerning the land. The Deputy Governor of the Pskov Region, Alexander Kuznetsov, assured the Belarusian visitors that work on all legal aspects of the building site, including permissions, will be completed soon.

The Deputy Chair of the Board of Belkoopsoyuz, Valentina Nazaruk, promised to clarify the position with the investor and the designer of the project. “The Belarusian trading centre in Pskov will have an area of 1,000 square metres,” Ms. Nazaruk commented. “The adjoining infrastructure and parking is also a consideration.”

The idea of opening a Belarusian trading centre was first expressed by the city’s Mayor, Ivan Tsetsersky, during the visit of the Pskov delegation to Belarus at the beginning of June. The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, and the Governor of the Pskov Region, Andrey Turchak, supported the idea. Belkoopsouyz and the Pskov Regional Union of Consumer Societies outlined an agreement regarding their intentions, which will turn into concrete plans on the construction of the trading centre.

Mayor Ivan Tsetsersky added further details, “The centre will sell only high-quality goods at affordable prices. When it opens, residents of our city will no longer have to buy Belarusian products from street sellers.”

Construction of the trading centre will begin in the second half of July. Commissioning of the facility is planned for November or December.

Representatives from both regions have agreed to hold a three-day trade fair under the title ‘made in Belarus’ at the beginning of autumn.

Mr. Tsetsersky is keen to show co-operation during the project and declared, “We will give the site for the centre, as well as undertaking the organisation of the trading space within it.”

The Pskov Region and Belarus are connected by long standing neighbourly relations. Belarus is the largest trade and economic partner of the Pskov Region among the CIS countries. The two regions have developed programmes for humanitarian and cultural exchange, as well as close contacts at the level of legislation for border areas. The residents of Pskov are at least familiar with the taste of Belarusian meat and dairy products.

By Olga Toguleva
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