Curiosity leads also to plant floor

Industrial tours become a prospective type of tourism

By Marina Shumilo

Journeys for the sake of relaxation didn’t exist until the nineteenth century. Every time, hitting the road by sea or by land, a man set out to open something new — a previously unknown trade route or a whole continent. But now, after two centuries, mankind is probably tired of passive rest and regards curiosity of paramount importance. Coming to an unknown country, people aspire to, not only to taste for example, Belgian chocolate or French cheese, which have already become a peculiar visiting card of these places, they also want to know the secrets of the production of these goods.

‘Tourism of openings’ is also becoming popular in Belarus. Already, about ten domestic enterprises are ready to give people an opportunity to look beyond the gates that have been earlier closed to the public. One of the biggest Belarusian producers of drinks also proposes a tourist trip, following the whole production process.

“Visitors usually come to the plant with a view that drinks are cooked the same old way: in barrels, in dark rooms and by hand,” guide Veronika says. “But in fact, the whole process is, today, noncontact, even the delivery of ingredients to the brewing room is conducted with the help of an automatic system.”

The enterprise is 41 years old, but innovation and the scale of production really impresses here. Visiting the fermentation floor is particularly memorable. Here cylindroconical fermenters of considerable dimensions are situated. Every of them are designed to hold a hundred tonnes, but there is a giant among them capable of holding 350 tonnes.

An ancient legend is connected with the name of the enterprise — a prince, once passing through these places, saw unusually pure springs and it was decided to call the lands ‘Krinitsa’ (Well). After many years, workers at the plant have made sure of the authenticity of the legend. Last year on the company’s land, a borehole was drilled. Water was found which turned out to perfectly meet all sanitary standards. Currently, it is being used in production.

“When Miss Supranational International Contest was held in Belarus last year, we organised an excursion through our enterprise for its participants. The girls really enjoyed it,” Veronika says.

Jiří Grbachek, a brewer from the Czech Republic who works in Belarus, says that the increasing number of tourists aspires to combine the pleasant with the cognitive during their relaxation. “In my native land, practically all plants are opened for visitors. And the issue isn’t about advertising… I have noticed that in Belarus also, excursions through plants are in demand.”

By the way, Jiří is ready to confirm his opinion. Soon, even his little brewery will receive its first tourists.

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